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Cookery Class

Group Leader – Linda Wyatt (07762177413)

United Reformed Church

Tuesday 2.00pm - 3.30 pm

The programme will enable like minded people, who have a passion forfood, to join together to consider its preparation, cooking and presentation.
Much of what will happen will evolve over time from the people who participate with ideas and suggestions taken into account along the way.

With all new programmes however, there needs to be an outline plan that starts us off. This shows the first suggested sessions:

- Cakes: Creamed, Melted, Rubbed In, Whisked. How they are made, characteristics, tasting, sharing recipes. Consider adaptions for IBS intolerance, Lactose Free, Gluten Free etc. Cup of tea/coffee.

- Each person makes and brings a cake of their choice for us to share the recipe and taste (very small portion otherwise we will be huge!) with a cup of tea/coffee and discuss any challenges experienced.

Following very useful feedback from members the previous planned sessions will start with cakes as indicated but then evolve to accommodate members wishes. Some suggestions already include curries, how to use different spices and herbs in meals, making supper snacks and economical main meals. We can look at cooking for one, or two, or larger numbers. It will include sharing recipes and looking at different foods. All ideas are welcome.

It is proposed that we will initially meet once a fortnight and then according to demand may meet more or less as we proceed.
We can choose special occasions such as Christmas and Easter and other events such as romantic dinners, children's treats, Halloween and many more. Over time we can be even more adventurous and hold competitions for specialised foods which include decorated cakes and others.

We can have our own 'Bake Off'or Master Chef events. As with most food activities it will be seasonal and align to holidays and events during the year.
We will be able to include a range of activities including demonstrations, sharing of ideas, tasting dishes and possible visits to food producers.





I have lived in the West Moors/Verwood areas for the past 35 years.

From a very early age I had a passion for food and making delicious dishes. This grew throughout my childhood and led to my becoming what was called a Domestic Science teacher all those years ago. As well as teaching young people, I led an Adult Education programme called Men in the Kitchen for several years. I love to entertain and devise menus of all sorts.

Since retiring nearly three years ago I volunteer my services as a Cookery Judge at Horticultural Shows in Hampshire and I am currently trying to engage with Dorset Shows as well. It is really interesting going around different parts of our local area and meeting like minded people. Which leads us to the U3A programme, 'And in the Kitchen'.

I enjoy sharing my skills and knowledge of food but also learning from others as well. No one person excels in what they are good at all the time. Accidents and disasters happen and how we deal with them says much about who we are. So don't be shy come and join me. I look forward to meeting the 'Foodies' in Verwood for some enjoyable discussions, demonstrations and a few tasty bits with a cuppa