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DIY Investment Group


Group Leader : Mike Stevenson(01425 650886)

Video conference using ZOOM


Wednesday 2.00 - 4.00pm


Even though the bank base rate has increased recently, the return on most savings is still derisory. If you want something better then perhaps the best thing to do is to manage your own investments and cut out the bankers, accountants and financial advisers. This group will show you how.

The Group will allow up to 18 members to:

  • learn how to buy and sell shares
  • filter the 3700 UK listed companies to find those that meet your investment criteria
  • analyse a company to assess its fundamental soundness and strength
  • determine the optimum time to buy and sell a share

Fortnightly meetings will comprise two parts with a coffee break. The first part will be educational, the second a discussion of possible investment opportunities.

Individual members will be invited to suggest shares they have identified for adding to a dummy portfolio, giving their reasons. The group will discuss these. If accepted for inclusion the ongoing performance of the share will be reviewed and discussed at subsequent meetings.

Members will need internet access at home to make the most of what they learn.


Members will never be asked to divulge any personal data other than their name, telephone number and email address. The group will never give financial advice and it will be for individual members to do their own research before acting on anything discussed in the group. The group will not be open to any person seeking to recruit clients for financial services.



Mike is not a banker, an investment adviser or an accountant. In other words, he is not an expert. Instead he is an enthusiastic amateur investor who enjoys sharing his knowledge with others.

Mike's career started with finding oil in various inhospitable places around the world before moving on to management consultancy. When he retired at 55 it was to fulfil a lifelong dream of sailing around the world. While doing this he needed to keep himself solvent and looked for an activity that would keep his brain working, that could be done from anywhere with an internet connection, and which, hopefully, would earn some money while he travelled. He used some of his pension savings to get started in investing and has never looked back.

Mike is very keen that point out that he is not a lecturer or teacher. He expects members to play an active role in the group meetings as this is, in his view, the best way to learn.


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