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Group: French Introduction

Group Leader: Glyn Cook tel 01202 875607
Venue: The Hub
Day and Time: Friday, weekly 2.00pm – 3.30pm

The plan is to focus on the French that you need to function when in France, rather than a study of grammar. I hope to cover a range of social situations and learn some simple phrases and vocabulary to equip you to speak and understand the responses! As we will only have 2 terms, I may be asking you to spend some time learning at home, whether by watching the news in French or learning some verbs.
I intend to cover some aspects of French culture, where appropriate.
I hope we can make it into a fun way to learn some basic French.


After working in social services for 35 years, I retired to live in france where I got involved in many aspects of French life. I encountered many brits with only a few words of French and I am keen to encourage people who go to france to have a go, you wont be laughed at, you will be applauded.