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Guitars & Strings

Leader: Derek Marsh ( 01202 914195)

Venue: The Hub


Friday 2.00 - 4.00

From Sept 2017, we are at The Hub in a nice carpeted little room off the cafe.  Mostly its playing along in fun mode but for some of the time we do try to get a bit cleverer.

Our Aims

  1. To enjoy our music.
  2. To get your instrument out of its case, down from the loft, down off the wall or back from your granddaughter.  (You might have to buy her a new one).
  3. For years my banjo or guitar looked pretty on the wall. I got no better but I didn't practice! Then a friend played beautifully and I said I wish I had his talent. He said its just practice, that number took 3 months to learn. So I try to do at least half hour a day. I got better. One day I might “get good”.  Our aim is to get you to play enough to do the same.


How we Operate:

We vary in skill level, so you can play and pick up techniques whatever your ability.... unless you are already good, then we'll pick things up from you as we do from our “real musician” member.

We do learn from each other. There's not many of us.

We play from either:

  1. Lyrics with chord symbols (C, F, G7, Am, Dm/G etc.)
  2. or from “TAB”   ...thats generally lyrics with “where to put your fingers” diagrams.
  3. or from proper music with 'staves and tadpoles'.
  4. Personally, I have to learn and remember songs to play in the group

We will, between us, do any or all of these for any given number.

You can strum along and sing if you like.
You can pick the chords and infill the rhythm.
You can add twiddly bits you've heard.
You can learn the clever bits from TAB or Score.
You can just stick to the simple chords if the song has tricky ones  (Yes that usually works)
You can leave out any tricky or fast fingering where you prefer.   “fast” is  a relative term!

At present we are acoustic, except when I get my (new) bass out... and play it quietly.
I'll also add in my (new) mandolin sometimes but I mainly use my old six-string “Freshman”.
N.B. the “new” infers that I'm not at all good yet.

That's why its “Guitar and Strings” Whatever your instrument, if it helps, come play it!

And what do we play.

Old pop, rock, folk, country, jazz, blues ….Quite often simplified versions.

Beatles, Buddy Holly, Van Morrison, Shadows, Eric Clapton, Elvis, Johnny Cash, Rod Stuart, Bob Marley, Spinners etc, Along with many numbers who's origins are lost in the mists of time.

Numbers play and some we haven't played yet, are on my DropBox online. If you think you might like to join, I'll send you a link or a list.

I'm pretty sure we are covered for copyright - for our use. If you know better, please let me know!