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The leader is Dave Timpson, who plays no instrument apart from the record player. My first record was Lonnie Donegan’s Rock Island line, which in my case led directly to an interest in American folk music and New Orleans jazz (in addition to Rock ‘n’ Roll). By  the time I was 16 I was curious about other forms of jazz, and had bought records by Art Blakey and the MJQ. I now have an extensive record collection covering most musical genres, including quite a lot of classical music.  If anyone asks, I’m not  keen on opera , nor Hollywood style musicals (though there are even exceptions here.). From a young age (around 11 years) I also had an interest in pre war popular music and have about 400 x 78 RPM records.




Jazz Appreciation

Group Leader Dave Timpson(01202 824469)

At :Home


First Wednesday of month 2.30 pm – 4.30 pm

The group will meet on first Wednesday afternoon per month, at my home , from 2-30 until 4-30. Each session will be based on a theme, and there will normally be a connection ,(often tenuous), between themes.  The first session (because it is the first) will be ‘Very Early Jazz’. It will cover the period from 1917 until 1929, and feature such bands as the Original Dixieland Jazz Band, Bix Beiderbecke, King Oliver, Louis Armstrong and many others. The second will follow big bands from 1930 until the late forties (because it is just following the very early stuff), while the third will feature big bands in the 1950’s. The fourth session (early December) will be ‘Gipsy Jazz

The picture emerging (hopefully) is that we are not committed to any particular genre. Indeed ,one session will be the Hammond organ, starting in the early 1960’s with a bit of hard bop, but we also get soul jazz , funk, acid jazz and even some rhythm and blues.

The format will be two hours of music, with a printed sheet covering the narrative. Obviously people will want to comment, But the idea is primarily to listen to the music.