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Knit and Natter
Group Leader - Jan Birchall (01202 986621)

At: Home


Friday 1.00 - 3.30pm

This Group is open to all, to be held In my large, comfy, light, airy lounge at my home. Bring your knitting, crochet, hand sewing, cross stitch etc.

Can't do any of the above?  Want to have a go? Or come and enjoy the social side of it anyway!

I love people and I am very friendly. Over the years of illness, I have not been able to get out as much as I want. So I thought this group would lend itself as an opportunity, without pressure, to have a chat, laugh and be handy too!

Tea and coffee at a small charge of 50p. I’d be grateful for slippers too.

Give it a go!