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Spanish Conversation

Group Leader: Peter Kingsbury tel 01202 824435
Venue: The Hub
Day and Time: Wednesday, weekly 10.00 – 11.00

The group is a self-help group for Spanish conversation at a low to intermediate level.
It is not for absolute beginners who have no Spanish.
It is for people who have some understanding of Spanish who are prepared to join in basic conversations in Spanish gradually developing their language skills.
The idea is to be able to have simple conversations and to be able to understand the answers, then to be able to respond with some confidence.
The group will be facilitated by Peter Kingsbury, he will research and resource materials for the group.
As a support for the group we will use ‘BBC Active Talk Spanish’. This resource comes with audio CDs and will be used as a reference. It is available from Amazon at around £20. There are two editions which look almost identical except for updates with currency types so if you already have the first edition don’t bother to update.
Other materials and resources will be researched and supplied or recommended as required.


My academic background started with teaching applied business studies majoring in psychology. As time went on I moved into IT in business specialising in applied database technology and web based business applications. My degree and post-graduate qualifications are in teaching, psychology and economics, HR and software engineering management.
I became involved in Verwood U3A after my wife joined the Art Group. Because we holiday regularly in Spain I wanted to improve my language skills so I joined the French Conversation and Spanish Groups. I have been a member of the Spanish group for some time and when it was no longer being offered I thought it would be a good idea to start a self-help group as I did not want to lose the Spanish skills I had acquired. I don’t begin to have the skills to teach Spanish but I can facilitate a group of like minded people who want to develop their Spanish language skills.