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A friend of mine who at the time took the U3A Art Group asked me if I would like to join her class because I showed interest in one of her paintings. Then I discovered that there were other Groups that interested me like Science & Geology, which at that time were held at Ferndown. It all went on from there.

I enjoy being a Group Leader and seeing people who like me thought they couldn’t paint, but with a bit of encouragement and a few ideas have produced some really good pieces which they thought they were never capable of.

I hope members get a sense of achievement, and enjoy the relaxed company of other artists. We all give each other hints and tips when needed. Most of the Group started off saying “I can’t paint” but have proved themselves wrong.

I always thought it would be fun to be able to paint but I never had the time. Now I look at life a different way, the shape of clouds, the shades light produce, detail etc., it makes you open your eyes and look closer at what you see.

Anybody can be an artist. A painting doesn’t have to be something that is a “perfect” image, it’s what they see or feel in their own minds.



Group Leader Chris Harris (01202 824005)

At :The Hub


Monday 2.00 pm – 4.00 pm

Have you ever painted before? Beginners are always welcome.

Release your inhibitions and express yourself with ART. Come along to this class

and learn something new. Bring your paints and paper and you will be surprised

at what you can achieve. Help and guidance will be given by other members who

will be willing to share their experience. Some of us had never painted until we retired.

There will be occasional demonstrations on various aspects of Art. You can do Watercolour, Gouache, Acrylics, or just sketching, whatever takes your fancy.


So come along and join our friendly group and have fun.


Below is a gallery of some of the picture from the group in