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Basic Computer Skills

Time : Thursdays - 2:00pm to 3:30pm
Location : The Hub

Dates : as per calendar

Group leader: - Ian Hudson (07392 384242)

A 10 week course designed to give the basic skills to operate your electronic device.  This course will help you to carry out basic functions across the areas of communication, purchasing, problem solving, and managing information safely.
This course is suitable for those who are new to, or have little knowledge of using, laptops, PCs or smart phones.
Each lesson will consist of a short “formal” presentation on a specific topic but will mainly be a working forum to allow learners to share and work their own specific challenges or problems.  To ensure the effectiveness of the course each group will be limited to 8 persons.
Specific areas that could be covered include
Managing information - Organising files, connecting to the internet , using search engines
Communicating – using emails, instant messaging, video calls, community forums
Transactions – buying on line, booking travel, managing bank account.
Problem solving – using on line help and simple tutorials
Creating – documents, media posts, photo albums
Participants are encouraged to bring and use their own portable devices.

I am unavailable between 30 July to 12 September 2019.  If you wish further information during this time please contact me via the following email address.



I retired from working for a large multinational company towards the end of 2016 after working for 30 years in various middle management roles.  During this time I worked in areas that included production and supply planning, quality assurance and health , safety & the environment.
Although I have no “formal” computer training my work has allowed me to develop a good understanding of computer and software functionality through my working life. 
I also have experience in training others both in the software systems and more general computer skills e.g. PC skills, Microsoft office.
I currently work as a volunteer for Dorset County Council in the role as “Digital Champion” working through Ferndown library to help others get online.