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Jewellery Making Group

Group Leader
Jan Mills (07733 899277)
The Hub
Tuesday 10.30 - 12.00

This group is for people who are either completely new to jewellery making or those who have some basic knowledge and want to improve their skills.  You can be a complete novice and do not need to bring any tools, stringing materials or even beads; I can provide these at a minimal cost price. Over time group members have bought some basic tools and are building their own personal stash of beads from Charity Shops, Car Boot Sales and from their own collections of old jewellery.  We are a very informal and friendly group that meets fortnightly on Fridays at the Hub.
I offer a few projects and members agree on which project they would like to tackle together. Some people choose to work on their own projects but benefit from the social environment and also others around who can offer help and ideas when needed. Everyone has, at some time, brought along cherished jewellery that has broken; either their own or that of friends and family members, and have been able to fix them, having learnt some basic jewellery making techniques.
We don’t just make jewellery - we have made other seasonal items - for example stars and angels as Christmas Tree decorations, wine glass charms and key rings etc.
We are a fun and friendly group -  come along to a session and try us out. You don’t need to know anyone or  bring anything with you - just turn up!


The group will be limited to around twelve people



Here are some examples of our efforts this year



I am not ‘qualified’ to teach beading, but I have been making jewellery for myself, family &  friends and for the odd Charity stall, for a few years and  I can help people learn the basic techniques of jewellery making. I enjoy being able to make something unique to suit my style and outfits and people can learn the basics of jewellery making very easily. We all improve our skills as we work on projects together.  Anyone can, successfully make jewellery that is unique and individual to them.