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Current Affairs Group

Group Leader John Morris (01202 828611)

At : The Hub


Tuesday 11.00 am – 12.30 pm


What the Group Does:
We discuss a wide range of topics, from politics to sport. What annoys us, what makes us laugh and occasionally, what makes us sad. We try and get behind the headlines and analyse what is going on in the world. The members themselves decide what topic should be discussed, usually two or three per 90 minute session. On political issues, we rarely arrive at a consensus but never fall out with each other. Everyone respects a member’s fundamental right to hold an opposing view to ones’ own. All members are given the opportunity to contribute and to be heard respectfully.
During 2015/2016 we discussed a wide range of topics from the EU referendum, the rugby world cup, the death of David Bowie, immigration and everything in between.

We are a fun loving, friendly group of people – do join us














About me

Both my wife and I were born in Sheffield and came to Verwood, via West Somerset, in 1987. I started life as a company accountant, working for a number of organisations in South Yorkshire before finding my niche within local and regional newspapers. Once described as “an accountant of sorts” I eventually moved into general management within both the newspaper and public transport sectors. Prior to my retirement I was Clerk to the Trustees of a theological institute based in Salisbury, where my main claim to fame was that I was the only declared atheist on the premises. Still, I now enjoy a Church of England pension. Heather and I have two children, five grandchildren and one great grandchild, all living in the Ringwood and Ferndown areas.
I joined Verwood U3A in 2015 and was particularly attracted to the Current Affairs group. Being a Yorkshireman I say what I like and like what I say, but I don’t take myself too seriously. One member described a typical Group member as “someone who shouts at the television”. I have always found Group members to be friendly, welcoming and more than anything, great fun to be with. The meetings are informal but informative, lively and highly enjoyable.