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Group: Introduction to

Digital Photography

Group Leader: Peter Kingsbury tel 01202 824435
Venue: The Hub
Day and Time: Mondays, weekly, 10.30 – 12.00

12 week introductory module covering the topics below.

No prior knowledge of photography is assumed for the programme. It is designed to give an understanding of the science and art  of photography. You do not need a sophisticated camera to attend but any camera over which you have some choice over what  the camera does will be helpful. This short course will be the ideal pre-cursor to joining the Verwood U3A Digital Camera Forum Group if you want to develop your  skills, knowledge and confidence first.

Cameras and their functionality.  
Understanding Exposure  
Understanding the terminology of photography
Scene Modes on the camera
How to take control of the camera
Useful additional equipment  
Which Lens or zoom setting to use  
Lighting Control Natural & Artificial  
Being Creative Travel Photography
Taking Portraits
Close-up photography
Photo Editing (Introduction)
Presenting the image



My academic background started with teaching applied business studies majoring in psychology. As time went on I moved into IT in business specialising in applied database technology and web based business applications. My degree and post-graduate qualifications are in teaching, psychology and economics, HR and software engineering management. I became involved in Verwood U3A after my wife joined the Art Group. Because we holiday regularly in Spain I wanted to improve my language skills so I joined the French Conversation and Spanish Groups. I'm excited to be offering Digital Photography having been involved with photography as a passionate hobby since I was ten. I had my own wet darkroom and worked with every darkroom colour process that came in during those years until 2003 when I switched to digital.