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Drawing and Sketching Group
Group Leader – Cathy Knight tel 01202 814156
Times: Fortnightly, Fridays, 10am – 12pm
Venue: The Hub

Content and Activities

Seen as a “noble art” in its own right during Renaissance times, drawing can be a very relaxing, portable and enjoyable activity. A grasp of the fundamental techniques of drawing in terms of perspective, proportion, tonal values and texture also provides an excellent background for those wishing to progress on to painting.

The structure of the class will be influenced by the needs, interests and composition of the Group. It will be run along the lines of a workshop and all levels of experience are welcome. I am happy to give basic tuition and guidance on materials to beginners either on a group or individual basis as appropriate. However I hope that we shall have a mixed ability Group to enable members to share their ideas and knowledge to benefit the Group as a whole.

Members will be encouraged to develop their own style as we cover the genres of still life, portraits, figures and landscape. We can work on themes as a Group but if anyone prefers to bring in something to draw and work independently then that is also fine. No expensive equipment is required although we can explore the variety of different materials available for ‘dry art’. All you need to get started is a pencil, a pad and a rubber (if you think you need one!) Just add enthusiasm and you are all set to go.


I was first taught to draw by an inspirational teacher who sparked off my enthusiasm for art that has lasted all my life. Ironically it was whilst I was at a lecture on painting that someone said to me ‘you would probably enjoy the U3A.’ I was promptly supplied with a leaflet and later joined the History and Art Groups. I was concerned that my practical art skills would be inadequate and rusty as I had put pencil to pad for many years. However I need not have worried as I discovered most of the Group had felt the same when they joined.

Consequently I have attended various U3A Art Groups over about ten years and have learned much from Group Leaders and Group members alike. Without exception I have found all U3A Groups to be friendly and stimulating. When an email went out asking for a Leader to start a new Art Group to cope with oversubscription I felt motivated to offer as I would like others to be given the opportunities  that I have enjoyed and benefitted from so much.