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Local History

Group Leader : Brian Hawkins (01202 829924)

At: The Hub


Wednesday 10.00 am – 11.15


Following how the local area developed from prehistoric times to the

20th century. Who lived here, where were they active, and what evidence

did they leave? This part of Dorset is rich in prehistoric remains including

long and round barrows, hill forts, roads and churches.  Verwood as a

settlement has been recorded since about 1250 and Verwood potteries were well

known until 1952. There are many interesting records from the 18th century and many places for us to visit. With illustrations using our projector.  


I first got involved in U3A around 1996 when a friend was asked to set up a group in Cockermouth. Nothing happened and about a year later I was involved with another friend who was determined to set up a branch in Cockermouth. He was determined to get a branch going and I was convinced it would be something that was needed in the town. He got together five of us to form a committee and go ahead. I was designated to be treasurer. The branch started in Autumn 1998. I like a Group Leader because I enjoy bringing people with similar interests together and to make friends. I hated history at