Verwood University of the Third Age





May 15th United Reformed Church 2pm for 2.30pm.

WW2 bunkers in Moors Valley An illustrated talk by Mike Eyre

“Many people will be aware of the World War 2 bunker slowly disappearing under a maturing ash tree at the northern end of Moors Valley Golf Course.  Golfers will know it well.  But few people know the role it played in a national network of Bombing Decoys to distract enemy bombers away from their real targets of adjacent airfields, in this case Hurn and Ibsley.  Mike joined 3 other conservation volunteers at Moors Valley Country Park researching its history.  The job of the operators who were billeted in Verwood was to man the site when enemy bombers were likely to be in the vicinity and try and get bombs dropped on themselves!  No details of the Decoy exist in local archives, but internet research quickly unearthed detailed plans and operating procedures which revealed the bravery these men displayed night after night.  Tracing the exact location of the decoy was much harder and led to Historic England's archive of aerial photographs in Swindon and a picture taken in 1944 by the USAAF showing the whole of Verwood and surrounding area in amazing clarity.  Mike will present their findings to-date and outline plans to put the material and bunker on public display.”