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 Introduction to Psychology

Group Leader : Vanessa Wiggins (01202824719)

At: The Hub


Thursday 2.00 pm – 3.30 pm  

The aim of this group is to introduce you to some basic psychology and an understanding of how psychologists work. We will be looking at a wide range of   topics chosen from memory, intelligence, autism, learning and education, sleep, dreaming, attraction, criminal behaviour, jury decision making, obedience, nature/nurture and research methods or whatever the group finds most interesting.
There will be a lot of discussion and some light-hearted games and quizzes and perhaps a little background reading to do. This group is most definitely not a self-help group but if it’s whetted your appetite please get in touch.

For 2018 - 2019 we will revisit some of the material from last year but perhaps widening the scope and depth of discussion.

The current plan is that we will only meet during the first two terms - you get the summer term off!



Overview - Psychology varieties


PsychodynamicFreudian theory


Individual Differences Humanisticabnormal Perspectives

Social Perspectives

Behaviourism Perspectives

Developmental Perspectives



Session Notes

General introduction : Things people say


Cognitive Psychology :


Phobias : Phobias

I am originally from Portsmouth where I taught Psychology up to A Level to both sixth form students and adults. Alongside this I taught some adult numeracy and literacy. I love my subject but could not find a suitable teaching post when my husband’s job brought me to Bournemouth so I have been volunteering as a debt and benefits advisor with a local charity. I am new to Verwood and even newer to the U3A but look forward to meeting you all.

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