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Rummikub Group

Group Leader – Penny Marlow(01202 745896)

At: The Hub

Friday 10.00 – 12.00

Rummikub is an easy-to-learn game played by up to 4 people, developed from its roots in the popular card game it uses plastic tiles instead of cards. The tiles are in 4 different colours, and numbered 1-13.
The aim of the game is to be the first player, by taking turns, to lay down all their tiles into defined sets and declare 'Rummikub'. Scoring subsequently follows, and a new game commences.
Initially, the group will accommodate up to 16 players, and the intention is for Friday mornings to be slightly competitive, yet lighthearted and fun!




I came to live in Dorset with my family in 1980 when my children were tiny.
After many fulfilling years of teaching in both first and middle schools l retired in 2009, and I now volunteer once a week working with autistic children.
During my retirement I've enjoyed travelling to various parts of the world with my partner, Jim, and we have had some great adventures!
I joined VU3A in 2016.
I've loved being a member, and would now like to offer a new, friendly and social activity to the group.