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Women's discussion group

Group Leader

Sue Coveyduck (07706 689193)

At: The Hub


Thursdays 10.30 - 12.00

'Friendship with a focus' I think is the best way of describing what I hope we would achieve from a Women's Discussion Group. I would like to think it will be a shared group which I would be happy to set up and then I would hope we could share our homes for meetings once a fortnight. I would like to think we could agree a programme of discussions for a term; sometimes it might be a topical news subject, the life of someone of our choosing, an event or tradition, or whatever anyone might suggest. I would envisage it having a life of its own but the outcome would be one of friendship and respect for each other’s point of view. Whilst in Devon I belonged to a women's discussion group under the banner of NWR (National Women's Register) and we all thoroughly enjoyed meeting and contributing to a shared experience.


I was 'involved' in U3A by my partner David when I semi- retired. Our local Tavistock group had a rather interesting talk which I attended as a 'visitor' and he, unbeknown to me, made me a fully paid-up member at that meeting. There were two groups in Tavistock and I might well have joined the other group left to my own devices, as it had a younger membership and hence more active groups but the wisdom and experience brought by the very intellectual members was so interesting and informative that I was hooked. A U3A group was on our 'must have' list when we were looking for somewhere to move to from Devon. We were made to feel so welcome when we attended the village societies meeting in the Memorial Hall in Verwood soon after moving here. David and I have since enjoyed the friendship and sharing of knowledge and experiences offered by the members of the Verwood U3A and it has helped us to settle into village life very quickly.