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Women's discussion group

Group Leader

Sue Coveyduck (01202 824540)

The Hub


Thursdays 10.00 - 11.30

‘Friendship with a focus’ I think is the best way of describing what I would hope we achieve from the Women’s Discussion Group.

We are a group of lively women with widely differing experiences of life which provide interest and colour to our fortnightly discussions.  We endeavour not to discuss domestic or personal topics unless to illustrate our point.

We respect one another’s input and don’t quote personal contributions outside our group.

We agree a termly programme with contributions welcomed from everyone making for interesting and varied discussion topics.

We enjoy a monthly lunch together, which is in no way obligatory, but gives another dimension to the friendship we share.  

During Covid lockdown we have continued our discussions via zoom, a technical learning curve for some of us!  Since the easing of lockdown we have met for a walk and talk fortnightly in lieu of face to face meetings, followed up by coffee from The Hollow and enjoyed in The Memorial Field.  

As I write this we are still in uncertain times re covid, but please be assured neither the U3A nor myself intend to put anyone at risk by meeting against country rules or personal judgements.



Sue Coveyduck

Like many of you whom I have met since moving from Devon to Verwood over nine years ago, it was pure luck  that I found myself living in what I now know to be the friendliest town/village in Dorset.  I knew no one here, was semi retired, travelling to Devon for two days a week for the first eighteen months, so it was with a total leap of faith, which has proved to be a very successful one.  
During my first week in Verwood there was a shop window of all Verwood societies held at The Memorial Hall.  What a welcome from everyone, but it was the U3A, still in its infancy, that took my interest.
Whilst in Devon I belonged to the NWR (National Women’s Register) and was looking for something similar.  Sadly, there was nothing locally, so I decided to start a group which would offer something similar and so the Woman’s Discussion Group was born.
We started by meeting in one another’s homes but soon outgrew even the largest of rooms. We’ve met in several venues in Verwood as we’ve grown in number, continuing to enjoy the camaraderie, support and sharing in common and the not so common experiences of our members.
I think we have achieved the aim of  ‘Friendship with a focus’ and I’m sure all are the richer for it.