Eye & Vision: A Series Of Talks

The Presenter: Tony Wilson

Venue: Verwood Hub.

Series of Four Talks: 10:30 am ~ 12 noon
Dates: 17th Jan, 31st Jan, 14th Feb, 28th Feb

Contact: email Tony here

The Talks Will Cover

I will be covering the anatomy of the eye, some common conditions affecting vision, the use of spectacles and contact lenses. I will also cover the physiology and psychology of sight and comparative anatomy of vision in certain other species.
I intend the sessions to be interactive with demonstration of the blind spot, ocular dominance and coping with sight in our old age.

Tony’s Background.

I am a qualified Dispensing and Contact lens Optician with 42 years experience and have been retired from practice for 9 years. I have lived in Verwood for 3 years.