Book Club

Photo of Carole English
Carole English

Group Leader: Carole English

Venue: The Verwood Hub.

Day/Time: Third Tuesday of the month 2:00 pm – 3:30 pm

Contact: email Carole here Tel: 07943 555615.

Hi, I am Carole and I love reading all kinds of books. I don’t have a favourite genre and really appreciate the variety we have out there for us to read. I would love to share the experience of reading different types of books and discussing what we felt about the book, be it the way it is written, or what we have learnt, the story line, how it has affected us or the development of characters or atmosphere.

Discussing a book gives us a deeper insight to what we have read and maybe give us a different perspective.

I hope in this book group we don’t just discuss the books we choose to read each month but discuss other books we have read and want to share with the group. I think this will enrich our reading and hopefully we will make new friends through the love of reading.