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Want To Chat?

The Forums have been updated. Group Forums can now be found in the top section of the Group Webpage.

Committee Minutes can be found in the Committee Minutes Forum. This can be accessed by clicking here or from the link in the Committee/Contact Us page.

Notice to Group Leaders; you can have a Forum for your own group.
(Contact Gareth, your Webmaster, who will magically make this happen)

Riverblue ~ Verwood u3a Ukulele Group

We are proud to unveil the new Ukulele Group Name and Logo.

The name Riverblue was chosen in a poll by the group members and the design was created by one of our group members, Trevor Warr.
The group wishes to thank Trevor for such a fantastic design.

Some Words From The Webmaster

Hello, my name is Gareth and I am responsible for designing, writing and maintaining the website you’re visiting right now.

Since I took over the old Verwood u3a website early June 2023, I decided to design and rewrite a new website. My background was in Photography and Website Design so I already had experience in this.

Since then the website has continued to grow. In December 2023 alone we had 2,000 views (that is actual pages viewed) and 613 visitors to the site and this is not a particularly high month.

The site has around 90 pages, with around 75 actually published for viewing, with approximately 450 media items (images, videos & PDFs).

Some members have experienced problems with links on the website but investigation has proved that the issues are with the devices used and not the website. To help members with this I intend, with the committee’s approval, to hold a clinic, probably in the Hub, where members are invited to bring their devices along for help in solving any issues. I will be asking for two or three other ‘techy’ members to help me with this. Any volunteers please get in touch with me. Watch this space for further info.

Since we have been taking membership applications online we have had over 220 members either renew their membership or brand new members use this method of joining Verwood u3a. I think that is a success by anyone’s standards!

The website itself has cost the u3a under £35 to set up with hardly any running costs except for the Hosting Package and Domain Name which all websites have to pay for. In order to keep the cost so low I have constantly looked for free programs, (after pleading in some cases), to run behind the scenes of the site including top level security and firewalls.

It takes a considerable amount of my time to maintain the site, so I intend to “invite” certain members of our u3a to help with this. If this is something you feel you could offer help with please let me know.

That’s it for now, I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about your website.

Gareth your friendly Webmaster


Spare Ball Strikes Twice

One lucky winner of the Verwood u3a Spare Ball Prize Draw had a nicer Christmas with a cool £100.00 extra to spend!

Who says that lightening doesn’t strike twice? The number came up two weeks running as the bonus ball in the Lotto draw. That meant one of our lucky members had one hundred pounds in their pocket to spend as they wish.