About Us

Verwood u3a is a vibrant and growing community of local people who are not in full time employment.  With over 40 activities available we aim to offer a wide choice for our members to suit all tastes and interests.  Our activities range from physical, exercise, creative arts & crafts, music, knowledge and learning, through to games, hobbies and social events.

Some members enjoying a boat trip and Fish & Chip supper with the Travel Group


We currently have around 300 members, usually aged over fifty years.  People come from all walks of life, with different life experiences and interests.  You can join a group not knowing anyone and you will receive a warm welcome and soon be making new friends and acquaintances.

photo of Guitar Plus Group at practice

Verwood u3a offers great value for money.  For a modest membership fee you can join as many groups as you wish, if there are spaces available.  A few activities may incur a small additional expense, but the cost of all the regular groups is included in the annual membership fee.


We are keen to continue to increase the number and range of activities we offer to our members.  Many people do not realise they hold a wealth of interesting experiences that others would like to share.  This could be work, hobbies, sports, interests or just fun things they like to do.  As a potential group leader you could share your skills in just a couple of hours per month, in a set of talks or a series of workshops, or in a regular group that meets monthly, fortnightly or weekly.  We give full admin support.

Verwood u3a aims to enrich people’s lives, to foster continuous learning, to expand social and friendship opportunities, to support our members so that irrespective of age, health or mobility they can lead lives that are fulfilling and enjoyable.