Guitars Plus

Frank Sims

Group Leader: Frank Sims

Venue: Woodlands Village Hall. Weekly

Day/Time: Friday 2.00 pm – 4.00 pm

Contact: email Frank here Tel: 07796 864215

Guitar Plus performing at the Christmas Showcase for Family & Friends

The Group

This group is aimed at amateur guitarists with some previous experience who are looking to either regain or improve their skills by playing in a group of similar ability. But there’s also room for those who can sing, play other portable instruments and make simple percussion to accompany the music – that’s the ‘plus’!

There’s no formal teaching, as we develop as a group by coaching and learning from each other. We cover a wide range of popular music with guitars at their centre (e.g. pop, rock, folk, country, jazz, blues), whatever takes our fancy. We are mainly acoustic, but use amplification when necessary.

You don’t have to be able to read music as we mainly play from song lyrics with chord symbols. Guitar tablature and standard musical notation can also be provided if that’s what you’re used to.

The object is simply to enjoy ourselves by playing some good songs/tunes and maybe even make a public performance or two as and when we feel we’re ready. And you definitely don’t need to be a Bruce Springsteen or a Sheryl Crow – just generally enthusiastic about guitar music. 

Free off-road parking is available.

If you’re interested (or just curious), please contact Frank Sims on 07796 864215, or by email at: fr********@vi****.net , to find out more!

Just some of ‘Guitars Plus’ performing at a private party
The Leader

I retired a couple of years ago, having worked in IT and Education. I live in Alderholt and I’ve been playing guitar ‘on and off’ for fifty years, but am still very much an amateur, as are most of the members of this group.
I’ve been playing with the group for about a year and became the leader in April, after my predecessor stepped down. Originally called ‘Guitars & Strings’, we’ve just re-branded ourselves as ‘Guitars Plus’ in an attempt to widen our appeal and encourage a little more musical diversity. However, we still remain firmly based around guitar music of all genres. So if you’re musical, please come along and check us out!

photo of Guitar Plus Group at practice