History Group

David Cheshire

Group Leader: David Cheshire

Venue: St’ Michael’s Parish Centre. Fortnightly.

Day/Time: Tuesday 11.00 am – 12.30 am

Contact: email David here Tel: 01202 820823

Please ensure you contact the Group Leader as places are limited. 

Ancient technology centre see report and pictures of History group visit to the centre at Cranborne here

The Group

The History Group is a large and very friendly group of people from all backgrounds. No previous knowledge of history is required or assumed. What unites us is an interest in the topics, which we agree each year, and a strong belief that history should be fun. We particularly enjoy discussion and debate. I email round all my notes before each session. Whether you look at them or not is purely optional; each session is free-standing and everything is explained. If you like history, or like the idea of trying it as a new interest, we promise you a warm welcome. The only qualification required is your interest and enthusiasm and a wish to learn and have fun in good company.

Topic for 2023-24 
English Pastoral: Ancient And Modern

This year we’ll be looking at British history from 1066 to the present. The over-arching theme will be geopolitics and how “geography determines history, but history changes what geography means” (Ian Morris). British history is both extraordinarily rich and very complicated. However, understanding and applying the underlying geography and geopolitics will help us to re-think our story and navigate our way through the labyrinth.

Outline of sessions

1066 – 1500: Domesday; the Anglo-Normans; the Angevin Empire; the Hundred Years War; Peasants and Parliament

1500 – 1700: John Foxe and the Chosen People; Devil-land; Locke and liberty

1700 – 1945: the last wolf, sheep and coal; the second Hundred Years War;

Anthems and Oratorios; Churchill’s war of British Succession

1945 – the present: Churchill’s Three Circles; Culture and decline; Anarchy in the UK; geopolitics and taking back control

The Leader

I joined Verwood U3A when I moved here back in 2009 as a way of meeting people and keeping my brain active. I‘ve been a member of various U3A Groups, Family History, Current Affairs and the Reading Group and was a Committee member for a time. I used to be a history teacher and in 2010 I volunteered to re-start the History Group. The enthusiasm here for history is tremendous. We enjoy learning together and I have can safely say that I have never enjoyed history more. 

2022 – 2023 Notes

English Pastoral

Alfred the Great presentation by Sue Elve

2021 – 2022 Notes

Modern Paradise notes

Spring 2021

Stories of Hearts and Minds in the 19th Century

2020 – 2021 Notes

Paradise Regained – Stories of Power & Glory

2019 – 2020 Notes

Autumn/Spring – Paradise Lost


Notes from previous sessions can be seen in the History Archive click here