Watercolour Art

Photo of Group Leader
Vern Harris

Group Leader: Vern Harris

Venue: Verwood Hub. Fortnightly.

Day/Time: Thursday 2.00 pm – 4.00 pm

Contact: email Vern here Tel: 01202 824005


The Group

Explore and expand your abilities in this medium.

This is a small enthusiastic group of up to a dozen members. 
We are very much amateur painters, (is artist too pretentious?) who come along to discover just what can be achieved. We don’t teach, but suggest and encourage in a spirit of mutual support. All you need is paper, a brush, and a small pallet. The hard bit is deciding just what your subject is to be!!
Scenes, Still Life, Portraits, and Animals are just some of the categories tackled in the past.
“I haven’t picked up a painting brush since school days” is the usual opening statement; well here at u3a you’ve reached University in a brushstroke!

The Leader

I’ve been attending u3a Art sessions for many years now; but strictly as a “student”. I have always looked forward to the chance to take a couple of hours out of the daily routine and get lost in the landscape of my choosing. And that’s important, because although you mean to paint a bit more between sessions, I like most, shrug when asked, and regret “I just didn’t get round to it”.  The other plus is that you get to know your fellow artists, perhaps over a coffee, compare each other’s progress, and maybe offer a (gentle) critique. I find that most are their own strongest critic, but all show what improvements a little practise can make  

 So, when our last group leader decided to call it a day, it seemed that “Water Colours” might  simply fold-up for lack of a leader – and that wasn’t an option for me, so GCE “O” level, and Scouts “Artist” badge, both over 50 years ago! But as I told my Wife Crissy, “Someone’s got to do it” and here I am.

artist painting

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