Beginners Ukulele Group

Mick Savage

Group Leader: Michael Savage

Venue: Woodlands Village Hall. Fortnightly.

Day/Time: Tuesday 1 pm – 2 pm.

Contact: email Mick by clicking here

The Group

This group is for people that are new to the ukulele or finding it difficult to move beyond learning basic cords.

You will need your own ukulele.

Learning will be at your own pace in an easy and relaxed atmosphere. 

When Gareth started up the Verwood u3a Ukulele Group I thought that I would see if the fingers were still flexible enough and the mind agile enough to take up a stringed instrument again. I found the ukulele a great choice and a fun instrument to play.

It is not necessary to read music to be able to play the Ukulele as it uses “chord shapes” which show where to place the fingers on the strings.

The beginners’ group meets for one hour before the main Ukulele group and the objective is for beginners to progress to that group as and when they feel confident enough.

Above all we hope to enjoy playing music together.

Photo of the Beginners Ukulele Group
Just some of the Beginners Ukulele Group performing on stage
The Leader

I’ve been actively involved in performing music of all genres since I was 6 years old.

Most of my performances have been in Brass Bands and when I moved to Verwood in 2009 I joined Verwood Concert Brass on trombone and played with them for about 4 years. I still play regularly but nowadays with two swing bands, “20 to 1” and “Swing Unlimited”, the Deane Sinfonia (Orchestra), Bournemouth Area Fellowship Brass Band and any other group who asks me.

Like most youngsters I taught myself to play the guitar in the late 50’s and being interested in jazz, veered towards the Gypsy Jazz style of Django Reinhardt.

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