Writer’s Circle

Group Leader: Alan Pearce

Venue: Verwood Hub. Fortnightly.

Day/Time: Tuesday 2.00 pm

Contact: email Alan here


The Group

The key words are “Enjoyment” and “Improvement”, for all to embrace. Optional are “Publishing” and “earning” for people to embrace as they wish. The motto is “You’re here to find your voice”. The ethos is “Open your mind, widen your horizons”.

The meetings start with housekeeping, then readings of members own pieces, with sensitive, helpful critique. After a short break, it’s “fun activities associated with writing” and the setting of next time’s 800 word topic.

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The Leader

We moved to Verwood in 1997. I served in the RN for 35 years and then worked for charities for another 20. I have been interested in writing as an art form since I was 10 and have been doing so ever since. I look forward to improving alongside others.

My autobiography was published in time for Christmas 2022.

Listen To Some Of Our Stories

Misunderstanding by Alan Pearce
Difficulties by Alan Pearce
Retribution by Barbara Shea
Cross Country Run by Ted Mason
Fear by Alan Pearce
Flared Trousers. By Ted Mason