Helen Griffith

Yoga Instructor: Helen Griffith

Venue: Verwood Hub

Day/Time: Tuesdays, 5.30 ~ 6.30 pm
Dates: 21st May / 4th & 18th June / 2nd & 16th July

Cost: £2 per session (£10 payable in advance)
Numbers are strictly limited

Contact: email Helen here

About the class:

Each themed class will include aspects of the following:

  • Pranayama ~ These exercises focus on the breath, usually performed seated
  • Asanas ~ The physical practice involves holding various poses or moving through a series of postures. We will always warm up the body before we begin and will end with a cool-down period.
  • Dharana ~ Meditation is usually seated and may be guided
  • Pratyahara ~ Relaxation (savasana) occurs at the end of each class 

I always maintain that if I can “do” yoga then anyone can. I will lead the class but ultimately this is your practice and therefore you should only work to your own limitations, whatever they may be. I will require a medical declaration form to be filled in (and held in the strictest confidence) so that I can provide the correct guidance but ultimately you are your best teacher.

The class size will be limited.
All participants must complete a Medical Information form (download)

What to bring:

One of the best things about yoga is you don’t need lots of equipment and you can easily improvise.  Having said that, having props will allows you to enhance your practice.

  • Clothes ~ Yoga gear is not essential but your clothes should not restrict the body’s movement in any way
  • Mat ~ Though not essential, I think having your own mat is great because it represents your space and your time away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. There will be mats available if you don’t have one.
  • Blocks and belt ~ These are not essential but can help with some asanas. If you have these, then please bring them to class. Don’t worry if you don’t.
  • Cushions, blankets, warm layers ~ Your body cools down quickly in savasana so comfort and warmth is key! 
About me:

I started practising yoga some 20+ years ago as an antidote to stress. I really didn’t know anything about the practice except that I thought you had to be a “twisty bobcat” to do it. Not so! My first teacher Sally taught a very gentle hatha that anyone could do and she introduced me to meditation and pranayama (breathwork). I found that yoga and taking lunch breaks away from my desk at work helped me cope with the stress.

In 2018, I attended to the World Yoga Festival. What an eye-opener! I  was introduced to yoga philosophy as well as all the different types of yoga, holistic treats (gongs, soundbaths etc) and music that the festival has to offer. I returned to the festival the following year full of enthusiasm to learn more and afterwards signed up for the yoga foundation course that FRYOG (Friends of Yoga) run. I really loved the foundation course, so much so that I didn’t want to stop there, so I continued to do my 200 hours teacher training and in 2021 became a fully qualified yoga teacher.

I moved to Verwood at the same time and retired in September 2023. I have lots of interests but yoga and yoga philosophy remain my primary focus. I am also currently studying Ayurveda nutrition and lifestyle with an Ayurvedic Doctor, who regularly attends the World Yoga Festival.


World Yoga Festival:
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